Chairman's speech

Chairman message


Thank you all the way!

Since the establishment of Weiheng company, we have started from a single product to dozens of products in four series; From a small factory to a large-scale modern food enterprise. This process is inseparable from the dedication of every vihen. Your efforts have made today's vihen. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and gratitude to my vihen family!

Ingenuity is multidimensional and prosperous all over the world!                                      

As the parent of Weiheng, I know that every one of you is very important! We have different knowledge structures and abilities, different personalities and hobbies, but in the same big family, Weiheng welcomes diversified talents, encourages diversified consciousness and rewards breakthrough and innovation; We communicate honestly, tolerate each other and work together. Weiheng sees and keeps in mind your growth and progress, your achievements and contributions!

Come on, Weiheng family, with our enthusiasm and efforts, let the company and the market see your value; The market will give Weiheng due return, and Weiheng will give you due feedback.

Let's write a bright future of Weiheng's "multi-dimensional ingenuity and prosperity all over the world"!